Water, Water Everywhere and there’s Plenty there to Drink

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Custom labels for water bottles are a newly growing trend among businesses who like to promote their own versions of certain items. Water itself cannot be ‘trademarked’ because it is a natural commodity. However, the bottle in which is contained can be labeled using the company name or logo that is selling the water. It must be labeled accurately and truthfully to state the exact contents of the bottle, as well as where it was bottled and if there are any minerals added.

Different types of Water and why it is sold

There are many different brands and types of water on the market. If you go into any grocery supermarket you will likely see famous brands like Evian, Perrier, Volvic, Arrowhead and other famous water brands. Most stores, such as Safeway, have their own brand labels on the water they sell alongside the other famous brands. Perrier is one of the most famous sparking spring waters in the whole world. It has been on the market for many years and is successful as a brand. Evian is promoted as natural spring water from the Evian hills of France and is rich in minerals. Volvic is sold as volcanic mineral spring water and Arrowhead is sold as purified water.

The difference between spring water and purified water is that spring water genuinely comes from a natural spring water source and has all the natural mineral associated with water from a natural spring. Purified water has been criticized as nothing more than glorified tap water but, in fact, purified water has been distilled and deionized and ‘demineralized’ and it is just as tasty and clean and satisfying as mineral water. The main issue is that companies such as Dasani, sold bottled water but initially didn’t clarify its source and let people know what kind of water it was. In the United Kingdom the launch of Dasani was a total flop because it was mislabeled, and there was an assumption that it was actually bottled tap water from a town in Kent, England. The notion was made fun of in a few sitcoms in England, and Dasani didn’t win any favors for it. The trick is to sell the product from an honest perspective and not from a point of untruth.

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