Narrowing Down Your Choices For Catholic Rosary Bracelets

Making the decision to give the gift of Catholic rosary bracelets to that special person in your life is a wonderful way to show your love and faith. For mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and anyone else of the Catholic faith these bracelets are a beautiful and meaningful gift option.

However, going online and looking for Catholic rosary bracelets is likely to result in an overwhelming number of choices. We suggest taking your time and really thinking in advance about what she likes. This can help you turn your options into a reasonable number of bracelets, from which it will be easier to select your ultimate choice.

Favorite Colors

Even very young girls at their First Communion already have a favorite color or perhaps a few different colors they love. By simply taking note of what colors the women in your life like to wear and have around you can narrow down your options.

There are rosary bracelets and Catholic rosary store beads in every color imaginable. These can range from pinks to blues and greens to reds. In addition you may want to consider pearls, crystals or combinations of colors on each bead.

A popular option is Cloisonne, which is a style of gold outlined enamel beads for rosary bracelets. These are very elegant looking and will be a treasured addition to any jewelry collection.

Styles of Catholic Rosary Bracelets

There are different styles of rosary bracelets. Some will feature larger or smaller beads. The order of the beads around the bracelet is also important. Most will include a crucifix, in incredible detail and design, as well as charm or patron saint medal. To add an extra touch, consider engraving the charm to personalize your gift.

You will also find there are different lengths to the bracelets. Most women are able to wear a seven and a half inch bracelet, which can be slightly adjusted if they are too large. For women with bigger wrists an additional section of chain can be inset into the bracelet to create just the right fit.

Stretch bracelets are another gift option to consider. These feature several flat panels of beautiful religious images on a stretchy band that will fit any woman. While not a rosary bracelet, these beautiful bracelets, along with saint themed charm bracelets, are a popular gift choice year round at The Catholic Gift Shop.

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