Baby Socks for Your New Darling

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Gift

Congratulations, new parent! After months of seeing your infant on an ultrasound screen, you finally get to meet your new baby. You get to nurse it, hold it, change its diapers, and rock it to sleep. You also get to dress it with teeny, tiny little baby clothes- including adorable little baby socks.

Everyone loves dressing babies. At your baby shower, you probably got more little pinafores and onesies than your newborn will ever use. But sometimes it’s hard to forget the practical things, like diapers and socks. These are items you’ll use every day that sometimes don’t show up at baby showers amidst all the excitement of rocking horses and knitted blankets.

Baby Socks Protect Your Baby’s Feet
Babies can become cold very quickly, and a pair of socks will help keep your infant’s feet warm. A lot of body heat is lost through the feet, so it’s important to keep socks on your baby. Socks are easily forgotten when your infant isn’t walking yet, but it’s still very important for your little one to wear them. They can prevent heat loss and help stop your baby from catching a chill.

When your baby begins toddling around, socks are a must. The soles of their feet are very sensitive; babies have notoriously soft, sensitive skin that can become irritated from rough surfaces. To prevent your baby from scraping his or her feet up on rough concrete sidewalks or cobblestones, put a pair of socks on your darling’s feet. This will help keep them warm and protected.

Baby Socks Are Fun to Make And Buy
One of the most popular knitting fields is baby clothes. Sweaters, blankets, and especially socks are fun to knit for new babies. As a new mother, you’re probably not looking to take on any more projects, but if you’re an experienced knitter with new nieces, get some wool and make a nice pair of tiny socks.

If you’re not in the mood to knit a pair, there are tons of adorable little baby socks out there. Shopping for baby clothes is one of the most enjoyable pastimes available to mankind, especially for new and expecting mothers. There’s nothing cuter than seeing tiny little pairs of socks and planning a matching outfit- an outfit that will remain intact for about five seconds until your baby spits up on it. Nevertheless, buying baby socks is a fun activity. You’ve waited so long to meet this little person; now you get to hold them, nurse them, and dress them in little rainbow-striped socks.

Even if your baby isn’t walking yet, it’s important to keep his or her feet warm with a little pair of socks. Plus, baby clothes are always fun to shop for! For more information visit gotobaby or you can visit Facebook page.

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