Various Types Of Bingo Balls

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Since the year 1929, bingo has been played vastly around the USA and other parts of the world and as this game continues to modernize and make millions in revenue each year, more and more people are buying bingo balls . Bingo balls can be purchased from various suppliers and it is recommended to buy in bulk, so as to save money. Numerous supplies should be acquired by someone who is hosting a bingo game, such as markers, cages and of course, bingo cards. The bingo balls you buy will need to be durable and long-lasting, making it important to learn about the many types of balls.

Bingo Balls – Materials

Bingo balls can be bought in plastic or wood. These are the two most common materials used for bingo balls and the most preferred would be plastic. Plastic balls are both affordable and quite enduring. As well as this, plastic comes in an abundance of colors, making it all the more appealing. Standard balls will be crafted from wood and because wood is one of the most withstanding materials, this would be a good investment if you plan on being in the market for a while. The numbered markings on wooden bingo balls will not fade as quickly as plastic balls, making them very tempting to buyers.

Bingo Balls – Sizes

You may not know it but bingo balls can be bought in different sizes. The size for bingo balls will entirely depend on what you want, but the standard for a bingo industry is seven-eighths of an inch around the entire ball. For recreational purposes, you may want to opt for cheaper balls that are slightly smaller in diameter. The downfall of smaller bingo balls is that a large audience would have trouble seeing them once they are placed in a frame. Alternatively, select bingo balls that are the size of ping-pong balls. A wholesale provider can present a wide range of sizes, so you can decide on whatever suits you best.

Bingo Balls – Colors

Some people who buy bingo balls may not be as bothered about the color but in fact, selecting multi-colored balls will be far more engaging for the players. Color-coded bingo balls are a desirable option, because they coincide with the spelling of the word B-I-N-G-O. The bingo caller then has less trouble distinguishing the numbers as they roll out of the cage. Rainbow colors make the cage appear very alluring and emanating when it spins, due to the many bingo balls merging into a vibrant concoction.


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