Personal Gift Ideas for Your Special Service Member

by | Feb 12, 2013 | Gift

It is time to show how much you care about a military service member close to you! It could be your father or mother, husband or wife, sibling or friend, now is your chance to give them a gift that not only says thank you for your service for your country but also thank you for your service for me. Personalizing a gift transforms it from something off the shelf to something from your heart.

Military gifts can come in all shapes and sizes but you want something personal, something to bring him or her honor and pride for their brave military service, something specific to their service branch. That’s where engraving comes in. Engraving personalized passages on a watch or knife or ring memorializing service in the military means infinitely more to the recipient than just another watch or what have you. To personalize it even more you can include the conflict in which the individual participated as well as any medals or awards they received while serving. It doesn’t have to be anything engraved either! Plenty of gifts can be altered to celebrate one’s participation in the military! Jackets or wallets can now have a Marines emblem or Navy anchor.

Even decorations around the house can celebrate one’s military service. There are Christmas tree ornaments, and year round wood and glass plaques. Commemorative plates can be set up on the mantle proudly displaying their service. Keep those plates for decoration and use coasters with military emblems on them for those special occasions. These gifts don’t have to be decorative only. Personalize stationary for the work place as a constant reminder of the work they’ve done. There are a variety of themes these gifts can be used for various occasions. Either in the workplace or at home, casual or formal, indoors or outdoors there is never a wrong time to show off personal gifts. Yes, the opportunities are endless to get something personal you know they’d love. And you know, if you cannot find anything just right there are options out there allowing you to design the personal gift that is just right.

Whether it is for a current conflict or you are celebrating a loved one’s participation in an earlier one the holiday season is brilliant time to stuff stockings with a personalized gift from the heart. This is a season for family and loved ones and what better way to celebrate than to get them something personal not only reminding, honoring them for their service. If now is not the right time to honor one’s military service with a gift, these don’t go out of style! Save it for a birthday, or anniversary to tell them how much they mean to you.

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