Deciding Which Baby Clothing Makes Ideal Gifts

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Gift

The baby shower invitation arrives, and it is with great anticipation that you prepare to start shopping for baby clothes. Who can resist the miniature infant and baby outfits that are absolutely adorable? The only problem is choosing which items are the best ones for the mom-to-be or new mother because that is what really matters. There is a big selection of baby clothing available, and you have items that are your favorites. However, what you like and what mom needs may be two different things.

Of course, the fastest way to find out what type of baby clothing the mother needs is to ask her or someone who might know. At the same time, perhaps you can also learn the preferred styles. For example, does she prefer long sleeved shirts or bodysuits? Does she need lots of onesies? Having that kind of information quickly narrows the list of gift options.

Unfortunately, it is usually not that simple because many showers are surprise parties. Asking about preferred baby clothing ahead of time will ruin the surprise, and that is the last thing you want to do. That means you are on your own when it is time to shop for a baby gift and are faced with a big selection of everything from adorable layettes to bathtime robes to lacy rompers.

Keeping the Basics in Mind

At this point, the final gift selection is largely a matter of personal taste. However, there are some guidelines to follow to ensure the gift is useful. For example, if you purchase newborn clothing, it is also good to buy clothes for an older baby up to 24 months. There is no way to predict how fast an infant will grow, so buying a mix of age-appropriate clothing makes sense. For example, you can purchase an infant layette set and a hoodie for a 12-month old and give a practical and lasting gift set.

There is baby clothing that is absolutely necessary. Some items a mother must have on hand to make life simpler when it comes to caring for the baby. If you are uncertain as to the style of clothing to buy, it is safe to choose from the list of “required” clothing. The list includes:

* Bodysuits – long and short-sleeved
* T-Shirts
* Hats
* Baby socks
* Infant booties
* Sleepers or pajamas
* Layette

Clothing is designed for male and female babies in the traditional blue and pink colors, but you also have the option of purchasing unisex designs. Unisex clothing comes in colors like white, black, yellow, green, and lavender. The same quality rule applies no matter what type of clothing is purchased. The ideal material is 100 percent combed cotton. For the environmentally aware, organic clothing is a good choice.

Focused on What is Important

Selecting the right baby clothing for a gift is not always easy, despite the joy that inevitably comes with shopping for infant items. The important point to keep in mind at all times is that quality is the most important characteristic to look for in baby clothing. Quality clothing specifically designed for infants is made without accessories that can potentially harm the child. For example, there are no buttons that can come loose and the material is safe for sensitive baby skin.

Quality baby clothing is almost always stylish clothing too, making the selection as easy as possible. The key is to purchase gifts from a high quality retailer that understands the importance of design and style in baby clothes.

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