Make your corporate contacts feel appreciated with personalized corporate gifts

Personalized gifts have always been appreciated more by everyone because of the emotions that you have invested in them. Irrespective of the size of the gift, you can expect the one at the receiving end to be appreciative of what you have done for them as it shows how thoughtful you are. The trend of giving personalized corporate gifts is on the rise because it reflects how much you value the business relationship. Not only are corporates gifting their associates these kinds of gifts but also employees.

Popular personalized corporate gifts for you to give

Even though you can get practically everything personalized nowadays, there are a couple of items which are more popular than the rest as corporate gifts. Some of the popular personalized corporate gifts are:

1. Glass Trophies- Companies often gift their star employees with these glass trophies to mark their achievements and the professional relationship with them. These trophies come in various sizes and shapes and they can be embossed in white ink with captions such as “Best Performer of the Year” and “Employee of the Quarter”. These gifts will definitely make your employee feel appreciated and motivate him/her to continue working sincerely.

2. Paper weights- Glass paper weights are nothing new but they can now be bought in a personalized avatar. Paper weights come in various shapes and sizes and you can etch them with a particular message from your company along with the logo and company information. You can also get an image printed on them from office conferences or picnics.

3. Wooden planks- Wooden planks are one of the most common gifts that offices give. Usually it has a particular milestone of the company carved on it or a special message for each employee. It looks neat and elegant and is appropriate for both employees and business associates.

Depending on the kind of company you run, you can choose your corporate gifts. For instance, ad agencies, digital marketing companies and even start-ups can go for printed t-shirts or pillows.

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