Helping Siblings Feel Important at the Baby Shower

by | Jun 10, 2013 | Gifts For Kids, Shopping

Baby showers always include the typical gifts such as burp rags, diapers, and onesies. It is also important to remember the siblings during a baby shower. You can include big sister presents that will make her feel special and involved in the arrival of the new baby. It is ok to let your imagination run outside the box to create memories that are special.

Create Feelings of Security with Gifts

Babies love to be held closely, and big sister is going to want to spend time holding the new baby. A swaddle wrap or a shoulder sling designed specifically for big sister presents can help baby feel secure and safe while helping big sister feel confident while holding the new baby. You can get them in all different colors or designs so finding just the right one will not be difficult.

Personalization Options

When you know what the baby is you can have an easier time buying more personalized gifts. When you know what the new baby’s name is going to be, you are really ahead of the game. You can create personalized big sister presents that are personalized with the babies and siblings names on them like matching shirts or toys.

Sending a personalized gift basket that is full of items that will help big sister take care of the baby will be a big hit, as well. It will keep the sibling occupied as she goes through the basket and she will really feel special.

Some websites offer the ability to print books. You could format a story about the big sister and new baby and even include the mom. The entire family will be able to bond as they read these books. Books can help teach anyone how to cope with the responsibilities of having a new baby in the home.

Helping encourage big sister to be excited about the upcoming arrival is an easy job. Being the big sister is a huge deal. You can order t-shirts with the words “big sister” on it or even bracelets or pins. This will help that special sibling show off her love for the new baby.

No matter how much money you spend, the thought is what is important. It shows when you give a gift that has you put a lot of thought behind. The new mom will definitely be excited, and happy due to your thoughtfulness and the siblings will also feel special too. Do not be afraid to let your imagination out of the box when it comes to these gifts.

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